About the Artist

Lindz Lew is a sculptor who lives and works in Tempe, Arizona. Born in Phoenix, Arizona she has been making art since childhood. She attended New School for the Arts with a focus on life drawing and painting before moving to Prague, Czech Republic for 3 years to work for Radost Fx. During her stay there she collaborated with other artists and designers to work on interior design for the club and restaurant which has been a staple of the Czech music and art scene for the last decade. Moving back to Arizona to get a degree, she began to work mainly with fiberglass, found objects, and two part epoxy. Her main focus is interpreting childhood memories and the meanings of nightmares.  The pieces she is currently working on explore the idea that if you surround yourself with monsters for long enough, you too will become a monster. By studying beasts of legend, rare animals, and abnormalities in nature she has adapted and expanded on myths, fairy tales, and folklore that make cultures unique. These creatures have made communities both thrive and cower and now she brings those creatures to the lime light to allow their stories, and personalities, to shine.

Artist Statement

My work captures the blurred boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious represents the longing for the ideal or the terror of the unknown. In my work, just as in our dreams, I explore fears and phobias, needs and desires. These dreams can manifest themselves upon waking and be mistaken for memories, distant and unclear.

Dreams and memories coexist in the human mind and can often be confused by the conscious mind. Memories become misshapen and skewed as time passes just as dreams do upon waking, my work interprets this coexistence and represents this confusion.  It is suggested that dreams reflect a biological process of long-term memory consolidation, serving to strengthen the neural traces of recent events, to integrate these new traces with older memories and previously stored knowledge, and to maintain the stability of existing memory representations in the face of subsequent experience. Therefore dreams make memories possible.

Although Children’s memories are often much more accurate than those of adults, their understanding of the unfamiliar is much more fantastic, wondrous, and terrifying. My pieces represent a child’s outlook on all things unfamiliar, the intangible and fleeting quality of situations created and controlled by our youthful, dreaming, and subconscious minds. By combining the sinister nightmare with the sweet ideals of a child’s storybook I create an aesthetic, which explores the darker side of fantasy, and bridge the responses between memories, dreams, and the ever-present fear of what’s lurking in the dark


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